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  Read & Learn: Are you Ready to Be a Ferret Owner?

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Are you Ready to Be a Ferret Owner?

A ferret's lifespan is 6-10 years...are you ready to be a ferrent?

Do you have enough money to be a ferrent (parent to a ferret)?

  • for cage, water bottle, food dishes, bedding, hammocks, toys, litter pans, etc? These items can cost anywhere from $200-$400 for starters.
  • for food, treats, shampoo, litter and so on? High quality food can cost more than $400 per year & litter can cost $200 per year!
  • for vet care including neuter/spay, vaccines, ear mite/ heartworm prevention, implants preventing adrenal disease & more? Vet care for a healthy ferret can cost as much as $200-$300 per year and surgeries can exceed $1000!

Do you have enough time?

  • for adequate out-of-cage time - at least 4 hours per day?
  • for human interaction time and supervised play?
  • for time for proper training and to care for daily needs like grooming, litter changes?

Can you ensure a ferret's safety?

  • Will your ferret be safe from another pet?
  • Will other pets whom ferrets consider prey be safe?

Will a ferret work in your space?

  • Is your home one that can be ferret-proofed?
  • Can your living arrangements be made secure for a ferret?

Still considering a ferret? Check shelters for ferrets in need of good homes. Or, consider getting one from a reputable, private breeder, where you can actually spend hands-on time with the ferrets beforehand. Do not make an impulse buy from a pet store. Make sure a ferret is right for you!