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Recent News

Attention Show Exhibitors! FOTY & SFOTY Changes!

After many discussions and continued support from the ferret showing community, the calculation for Ferret of the Year (FOTY) and Specialty Ferret of the Year (SFOTY) has been changed to only count each eligible ferret's best four shows to determine the winners. The reason for the change is to help shows get more entries while not penalizing ferrets running for the top honors when they may not look their best and already have shown in four shows. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Download AFA's FOTY & SFOTY updated rules HERE. (106 kb pdf)

Are You a Social Dooker?

AFA is currently in the process of expanding our social presence on the world wide web. Those interested in keeping up with the latest news and developments from the American Ferret Association can follow afa_ferret on Twitter, become a fan of The American Ferret Association group on Facebook and check out americanferretassociation photo posts on Instagram.

AFA has been present on Facebook the longest amount of time. We have a main group for discussions and sharing of information. We also have pages dedicated to specific topics: American Ferret Association for the Manufacture of Deslorelin Implants, American Ferret Association Virtual Photo Contest, American Ferret Association Auction House and AFAís Memberís Ferret Photo Contest. Please stop by each and see if you like all what AFA has to offer on Facebook.

AFA has been tweeting for a while, but our tweets arenít reaching as many tweeters as we thought they would. In order to have a steady following on twitter, we need your assistance. Please help us get more tweets by tweeting and retweeting with us. We want to be exciting, funny, informative and useful tweeters. Check us out and help us grow our twitter voice!

Our most recent social outing is on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram, share your life with ferrets by posting your pictures and imagine a more connected ferret community through these photos.

Whatís up next for AFA.....Pinterest?


Download press release here. (87 kb pdf)

Learn about ferret shows and showing your ferret!

Download Showing Your Ferret 101 HERE. (48 kb pdf)

AFAís Official Statement on Ferret Bite Incident in Darby Borough, PA on 1-24-2015

Download the AP statement HERE. (34 kb pdf)

Ferrets: Don't Blame the Breed

Ferrets are amazing creatures, full of love and kindness. They need to be given the same in return.

Please check out this short video in response to the current media situation involving ferrets.

And the winner is!

The American Ferret Association is pleased to announce the winner of our First Annual Call for Proposals from Veterinarians is Hannah Turner, DVM Candidate 2016, Colorado State University. The $2000 grant from AFAís Pamela Slack, DVM Medical Research Grant Fund will help fund her research project titled Pharmacokinetics of Buprenorphine Transmucosal Administration in the Domestic Ferret.

AFAís Position Statement on Ferret Legalization

Download the full position statement HERE. (24 kb pdf)

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Canine Distemper Vaccination News Update!

Merial's Purevax Distemper is no longer available at this time. Please read the AFA's Position Statement on Canine Distemper Vaccination and Titer Testing.

Download AFA's Position Statment on Canine Distemper Vaccination and Titer Testing HERE. (113 kb pdf)