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This list is to help assist you in your travel. As such, any information contained within this site is subject to change with or without notice. American Ferret Association assumes no liability for these changes. Please check with your airlines with the updated rules and regulations. Have a safe trip.

AirTran Airways

Accepts small, domesticated cats, dogs and birds that will fit in an approved carrier under the seat.

Alaska Airlines

Pets allowed in the passenger cabin are dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds.

Pets that may travel in the climate-controlled baggage and cargo compartments include: cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds, non-poisonous reptiles, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, and tropical fish.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant accepts live animals/pets (domestic cats and dogs only) in the passenger cabin of the aircraft.

American Airlines

Cats and dogs are the only types of pets accepted for travel on American Airlines.

American Airlines - AACargo

Animals are transported in the same compartments as baggage, mail and other cargo. These compartments are pressurized and maintain a temperature range from 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Continental Airlines

Cargo and QuickPak - Our program is called PetSafe®. Under this program, Continental does not accept pets as checked baggage.

Delta Airlines / Northwest Airlines

Cargo shipment, pets travel in its climate-controlled and pressurized compartment.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier does not accept pets for travel in the main cabin of its aircraft. Pets are considered checked baggage.

Hawaiian Airlines

HA will accept for transportation as baggage, dogs, cats and household birds (only in baggage compartment) which are kept as personal pets or as show or exhibition animals, subject to the provisions of this rule.

Please contact HA for rules applicable to cargo shipments.


Accepts small cats and dogs in the aircraft cabin on both domestic and international flights (with the exception of flights to Jamaica, Barbados, and Saint Lucia).

Midwest Airlines

Below-cabin in a temperature-controlled and pressurized pet compartment.

Pet Air

Will accept all types of animals. Over twenty-eight years of experience in shipping animals.

Southwest Airlines

Will only accept small cats and dogs in carriers that can be stowed under the customer’s seat. Under no circumstances will they accept pets in the cargo bin.

Spirit Airlines

Allows the transportation of domesticated animals such as dogs, cats and domestic birds.

Sun Country Airlines

Will accept cats and dogs as checked baggage on select flights within the contiguous United States.

United Airlines

Checked baggage, transported in pressurized and heated cargo compartment of the aircraft.,6867,51255,00.html

US Airways

Pets in passenger cabin - 1 small domestic dog, cat or bird per passenger is accepted in the passenger cabin for a fee each way. US Airways does not accept any animals in its cargo compartments.


USA3000 will accept cats and dogs on Domestic flights only. Pets will not be accepted on International flights.

Virgin America

Will accept cats and dogs in the main cabin of the aircraft. They do not allow pets to be shipped as cargo.

Important Links:

  • If you are planning on traveling by air with your ferret (or any pet), here is a great website to have bookmarked. This site lists all the current rules and regulations for all US domestic airlines. At this time ferrets are not allowed in cabin on any domestic airline.

  • If you need to ship your ferret, the best website is Several ferret breeders have used this service to ship ferrets coast to coast and they really know how to care for your ferret and get the ferret back and forth safe and sound.

  • There is another option for cats and dogs but the airports are limited and they do not allow ferrets at this time. Hopefully they will allow ferrets as they expand their services.

Shipping Requirements:
(consult airline for specific requirements)

  • Embargo

  • Transfer to another carrier

  • Carrier / kennel requirements

  • Size and weight limitations

  • Health and vaccination requirements

  • Temperature requirements and restrictions

  • Quarantine and other destination restrictions

  • Food and water cups

  • Live animal labels

Helpful Hints:

  • Book direct flights and fly your ferret out as early as possible

  • Include ID tags with your name and phone number

  • Keep your pet as calm as possible prior to the flight

  • Purchase the kennel as far in advance of travel as possible and allow your pet to become familiar with it to ease the stress of travel

  • Have a secured food crock and always use a drip cup for the water bottle (a 4 ounce bottle is sufficient for one ferret for a domestic flight)

  • Use zip ties to secure the carrier top to the bottom and even the door so it can't be opened

  • Include a secured litter box in the kennel

  • Have ample bedding so if the water leaks your ferret will still have someplace to curl up and not be wet

  • List of animal relief areas at select airports -

At the Airport:
(when checking your pet as baggage or carrying on your flight)

  • Check your pet in at the airport's full service counter

  • During security, carry your pet while the carrier is x-rayed

  • Your pet and carrier will count as your one personal item

  • Pet must remain inside a closed carrier while in the airport and on the aircraft

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