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  The Endangered Black-footed Ferret (BFF)

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Did you know?

The Black-footed Ferret is the most endangered land mammal in North American.

The BFF was declared extinct in 1979.

A live BFF was seen in October 1981 and so began the long, difficult endeavor to save this species from extinction. Read the incredible BFF timeline here:

In 2008, the conservation efforts ran into trouble when sylvatic plague was discovered in the prairie dog colonies in South Dakota. This area is home to almost half of the Black-footed ferrets in the U.S. This disease is deadly to both the prairie dogs and the BFFs. The effort to combat the plague is costly and time-consuming. Funding is needed to ensure all efforts can be made so that this program is a success.

Who's looking at who? Travis Livieri of the Prairie Wildlife Research Organization checking on a wild Black-footed Ferret.








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Ways you can help;
  • Adopt a BFF today! adoption form
  • Send a donation to the AFA and mark it for the BFF or use our online shopping cart  Note: AFA is working on getting donations made to the AFA for the BFF to be matched. This means every dollar of donation equals $2!
  • Donate to the Prairie Wildlife Research here
  • Donate to the Maka Foundation here

For more information on Black-footed ferrets and the conservation efforts:
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