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Some 560 ferrets were recently rescued by Ferret's Dream House Shelter, Lynx, Ohio, from an Ohio breeder farm no longer able to continue its operations. The shelter desperately needs the help of the ferret community to properly care for this large influx of animals and those yet to come from jills that are pregnant and will be delivering babies this fall. Donations of money and supplies are vital, as are willing and qualified adopters.

The rescued breeder ferrets are of all ages and have not yet been vaccinated. However, a group of the ferrets tested last November proved negative for Aleutian Disease Virus (ADV), which attacks the immune system, is contagious, and is potentially fatal. The AFA suggests the ferrets be retested for ADV before allowing them to come in contact with current household ferrets.

Adoption Guidelines

Prospective owners should be aware that the breeder ferrets are not used to be being handled and are in special need of tender loving care. In addition, the following adoption guidelines must be strictly followed:

1) All prospective owners must sign a spay/neuter contract which obliges them to have their ferret(s) spayed or neutered within 60 days. Kits must be spayed or neutered by four months of age. In all cases, proof of the procedure must be sent to the shelter upon completion. Persons wishing to pick up a ferret (or ferrets) for someone other than themselves must bring a signed spay/neuter contract from the prospective owner.

2) Due to the large quantity of available ferrets, special color requests cannot be accommodated. Prospective owners are asked, if at all possible, to take ferrets according to how they are grouped by cages.

3) There are no adoption fees, but a donation is requested.

Adoption Inquiries

Anyone wishing to inquire about adopting a ferret, please contact Cindy Scheidt at:

Donate to the AFA's DMK Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund - Every little bit helps!

The American Ferret Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
All donations to the DMK Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund are tax deductible.

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The AFA thanks you for your support in helping the ferrets!!

Transportation Inquiries

Anyone wishing to help with transporting ferrets to shelters or adopters, Julie Dyke and Lisa Oestereich are handling all the transportation issues. Please contact Julie at or Lisa at

Request for Veterinarians to Assist in the Spay/Neuter and Vaccination of these Rescued Ferrets

Please take this information to your vet and request their help: Emergency Ferret Veterinary Services Requested.