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DMK Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund

The American Ferret Association has established the DMK Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund to offer financial assistance towards the spaying and neutering of the DMK Rescue Ferrets.

The DMK Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund is specifically set up to assist qualified shelters who have contracted with Lori Sies' Ferret Dream House Rescue to rehabilitate and rehome ferrets originating from the DMK rescue situation. This fund will be administered by the AFA with the intent to disperse funds to assist qualified shelters to bring the DMK ferrets to a condition that the AFA supports as an adoptable companion ferret.

AFA has donated the first $500 to this fund and will be soliciting donations from the ferret community for this fund until further notice. The AFA will also be spotlighting this fund on our website, in The American Ferret Report, and will be contributing to this fund from various fundraisers at AFA functions, including AFA-sanctioned ferret shows.

Please donate to the DMK Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund - Every little bit helps!

The American Ferret Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
All donations to the DMK Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund are tax deductible.

Donation Amount:
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The AFA thanks you for your support in helping the ferrets!!

Shelter Reimbursement Requirements

To qualify for reimbursement, shelters must be able to provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of historic efforts to maintain an ADV-negative facility. Documentation for the past 3-6 months' ADV test results from Blue Cross or Avecon send-in saliva test. (Quick test results do not qualify.)
  • Copy of the Ferret Dream House Rescue contract to verify that the ferret(s) are from the DMK Rescue.
  • Proof of current negative ADV test.
  • Proof of current single rabies vaccination.
  • Proof of current single canine distemper vaccination.
  • Copy of spay/neuter invoice from your veterinarian.
The AFA is not in a position to financially support the spaying and neutering of all the DMK Rescue ferrets at once. We suggest that you contact the AFA before scheduling surgeries to make sure the funds are readily available for reimbursement (email is strongly preferred, contact:

During the initial phase of this fund, priority will be given to spay all jills from the DMK rescue to ensure that the number of ferrets that need to find homes does not expand exponentially. It is our hope that the ferret community will help this fund grow to a point where all of the DMK rescue ferrets will be surgically altered before the majority of them go back into breeding condition.

Request Funds
Qualified shelters can use this form to request funds from the DMK Spay/Neuter fund.

Ask Your Vet to Help!
Request for Veterinarians to Assist in the Spay/Neuter and Vaccination of these Rescued Ferrets

Please take this information to your vet and request their help:
Emergency Ferret Veterinary Services Requested.