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AFA Procedures for non-AFA Championship Ferret Shows
~ Effective April 1, 1999

Any person or group who would like to contract A.F.A. Judges to judge championship rings at a non-A.F.A. sanctioned event may now do so. Certain rules and limitations apply.

If A.F.A. Judges are used but the championship classes are not A.F.A. sanctioned, no A.F.A. titles will be issued and no points will be entered into the A.F.A. title system for non-A.F.A. sanctioned events.

The A.F.A. contact point regarding this agreement is the A.F.A. Judges Administrator. The contact information for the current A.F.A. Judges Administrator can be obtained through the A.F.A. office at 1–888–FERRET–1 or you may send the Judges Administrator an e-mail.

The cost to the person(s) or group that is putting on the show will be $250 for the event for one, two, or three A.F.A. Judges and $400 for the event for four to nine A.F.A. Judges. Payment for this amount is due three weeks prior to the scheduled event. Judges will not be permitted to judge the event if payment is not received by the A.F.A.

As part of this agreement, a full page promotional piece for the A.F.A. will be supplied by the A.F.A. to be included in the event’s show book or catalog. The A.F.A. is to supply this promotional piece by the sponsoring group’s stated date and time, and the deadline is not to be more than 30 days prior to the event. Also as part of this agreement, two vendor tables will be supplied gratis for the A.F.A. for the day(s) of the event.