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  AFA News: 2010 MFVP Conference

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2010 Advanced Course Management of the Ferret Conference

Anne K. G. Bazilwich, DVM (Symposium Chair)

Robert A. Wagner, VMD, DIPL ABVP speaking on GnRH Agonists and GnRH Vaccine Study and the Distemper Titer Study. Mike Dutton, DVM, DIPL ABVP speaking on Exotic Mammal Board Certification and Cardiology.
Participant comment:
I felt the conference covered very take-home topics that were applicable immediately. And many have long-term potential to change how we approach ferret preventative medicine, diseases in ferrets with medical and surgical options.
Dr. Reid Tyson instructing attendees at the ultrasound lab station.
Participant comment:
Great, learned a lot, great hands on. Exceeded expectations.
Dr. Robert Wagner instructing on miscellaneous procedures. Dr. Rene Gandolfi instructing attendees on gastrointestinal biopsies.
Participant comment:
It was nice to have the lab at the school with small group sizes and individual cadavers. It was one of the best Ďhand-oní labs Iíve attended.
Dr. Otto Lanz showing attendees how to perform caval resection and adrenalectomy.
Dr. Mark Finkler instructing on phlebotomy and catheterization.
Participant comment:
It was great to have live ferrets to gently practice on. Especially with blood draws, catheter placement, ultrasound.
Dr. Mike Dutton demonstating a partial pancreatectomy.
Handling a baby ferret during a break. Checking pregnancy status of a jill.