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The American Ferret Association, Inc. (AFA) started work on a grant program in 1999 to fill a void to specifically support research that would explicitly benefit the health and welfare of the domestic ferret Mustela [putorius] furo. In the same year, the AFA and the ferret community suffered a tragic loss when Pamela M. Slack, DVM was killed in a private airplane crash in May 1999. Dr. Slack was the conference chairperson of all three veterinary conferences that the AFA organized and hosted, and was and active participant in the AFA's Health Affairs committee and served as a ferret medical consultant to the AFA.

The Grant Program

  • This program is maintained by the American Ferret Association, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. Donations may be tax deductible for those who itemize.
  • Funds are provided only for research where the chief goal is to improve the health and medical welfare of the domestic ferret Mustela [putorius] furo.
  • The grant program will maintain a reputation for funding only the highest quality studies based on relevance, scientific soundness, and humaneness.
  • Neither this program nor the AFA receives government financial support. All donations are provided through the generosity of businesses and individuals like yourself.

How It Works
An advisory panel of five to seven persons will be designated by the AFA and will consist of veterinary professionals, AFA officials and other special appointees as deemed appropriate. These persons will be strictly volunteers. No monetary compensation will be received.

No person who has a conflict of interest will participate in the review of applications or proposals.

The Grant Advisory Board will evaluate and make recommendations on the ferret health areas for which this grant fund program should seek proposals.

The number of studies receiving grants in any given year will depend upon the number of proposals submitted, available funds, and the number of studies recommended for funding by the Grant Advisory Board.

Funds can be donated and targeted for a specific research project or to the fund in general. Monies donated for a specific research project will be held until such research is approved and started.

Printable Donation Form
Send checks or money orders via postal mail. You may make creditcvcard donations as well by telephone, fax, or using this form (.pdf 128kb).