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The AFA's Education Committee's Page
FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions; So You Just Got a Ferret; Just Dookin' Around; Health and Beauty; The Food Bowl; Kids' Korner; Fitness and Enrichment; Training Tricks

Articles on Ferret Health Topics
Articles written by ferret knowledgable veterinarians and peer reviewed by AFA's Health Affairs Committee. Read about Adrenal Disease, Aleutians Disease, Cardiac disease and more.

The American Ferret Report (AFR)
View and download selected articles from our quarterly publication. The AFR contains timely information on ferret medical issues, rescue stories, championship shows, ferret related events, and much more!

Ferret Breeding
Articles written by experienced ferret breeders, list of AFA Breeder Members, AFA's position statement on breeding ferrets, the AFA's Breed Standard and information about AFA's Breeder Symposia.

Ferret Vaccination Protocols
Learn which vaccines your ferrets need to stay healthy, and find out when they need to be administered.

Aleutian Disease Virus (ADV) in the Ferret
Learn about the Aleutian Disease Virus (ADV) and how to test for it.

Black-footed Ferret information.
Stay up-to-date on the conservation efforts of this endangered relative of our ferrets.

The Legal Page
Read here about various legal issues surrounding ferrets.

Official Position Statements
The AFA has established official positions on the issues of declawing, breeding, banned breeders, toxoplasmosis and descenting ferrets.

AFA News Archive
Looking for a news item that appeared on our site? For current AFA news items, see our home page. News items that are no longer current and have been removed from our home page are archived here.

Essential Books on Ferret Care
A list of must-have ferret books for both novice and advanced ferret owners. Purchase your ferret books through our Amazon affiliate program to help support the AFA.