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List of AFA Breeder Members

2016 Ferretry Name List (.pdf 69kb)

AFA's Breed Standard (.pdf 143kb)
Describes healthy breeding standards as well as desciption of desired conformation, structure, color, etc. of the domestic ferret. The AFA Ferret Breed Standard has been developed to promote the breeding of healthy ferrets who conform to the structure of what the ferret was meant to be. Great reference for owners as well as breeders.

AFA's Position Statement on Breeding Ferrets

AFA response to a recent article entitled "The Standard of Ferret Breeding: Are We Damaging Ferrets for the Sake of Human Wants?" that was published in ferret-world by Tim Marsh
Ferret-world's calling out of the American Ferret Association for its Breed Standard in this article shows a lack of understanding of the standard and its development.

AFA's 2008 Ferret Breeder Symposium

AFA's Registered Ferretry Name Program.pdf (.pdf 548kb)
The American Ferret Association offers breeders the Registered Ferretry Name Program to protect the use of their ferretry´┐Żs name in the naming of their ferrets at AFA shows. The use of a registered ferretry name allows breeders to name ferrets of their breeding in an identifiable manner creating a prominent familial foundation for their ferrets.

To Breed or Not To Breed (.pdf 452kb)
Article by Vickie Mckimmey that ran in the American Ferret Report.

Being A Ferret Breeder: Things To Consider (.pdf 552kb)
Article by AFA's Breeder Committee that ran in the American Ferret Report.

New Medical Treatment for Pyometra in the Breeding Jill (.pdf 32kb)
Article by AFA's Health Affairs Committee that ran in the American Ferret Report.

Peas in a Pod: Expression of Undesirable Genes in Ferrets (.pdf 70kb)
Article by Sally Heber that ran in the American Ferret Report in 1999.