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The American Ferret Association's Veterinary Symposia

October 8, 2005
Sunnyvale, CA
An Advanced Course: Management of the Ferret for Veterinary Professionals

SESSION I: Emergency Medicine & Critical Care – N. Antinoff
SESSION II: Oncology
General Oncology Overview and Tips for Treating Ferrets with Cancer - N. Antinoff
Lymphoma: A retrospective review of disease, diagnostics, and treatment – N. Antinoff
A new lymphoma chemotherapy protocol for ferrets -- Preliminary observations - J. Mayer
SESSION III: Gastrointestinal & Hepatic Diseases – M. Burgess
SESSION IV: Studying Ferret Behavior – V. Staton
SESSION V: Disseminated Idiopathic Myositis -- An Emerging Disease – K. Ramsell
CASE REPORTS – R. Gandolfi/A. Bazilwich & Faculty

November 8, 2003
Rockville, MD
An Advanced Course: Management of the Ferret for Veterinary Professionals

SESSION I: Infectious & Inflammatory Disease Updates
Disease Diagnosis and Prevention - Aleutian Disease Update– B. Williams
Disease Diagnosis and Prevention - Preventive Medicine Update – S. Kudrak
The Diarrhea Dilemma - B. Williams
SESSION II: Oncology/Ultrasound
Oncology – D. Crum
Ultrasonography – S. Fausel
SESSION III: Endocrine Disease
Adrenal Disease - Medical vs Surgical Therapy - R. Wagner
Insulinomas - Medical vs Surgical Therapy - C. Weiss
Endocrine Disease - Prevention Strategies – M.Finkler
Cardiology Update - S. Fausel
Renal Update – S. Kudrak
CASE STUDIES/ Q & As - S. Fausel, R. Wagner C. Weiss, B. Williams, D. Crum

July 13, 2001
Boston, MA
Advanced Course: Management of the Ferret for Veterinary Professionals

Session One
Update on Preventive Medicine and the Emergency Care of Ferrets [Purcell, Kemmerer]
Advances in Surgical Techniques [Kemmerer]
Confusion and Controversy in Interpreting Ferret Clinical Pathology [Williams]
Session Two – Systemic Update I
Cardiorespiratory Disease [Kemmerer]
Endocrine Disease [Weiss]
Surgery [Weiss]
Session Three – Systemic Update II
Gastrointestinal System [Purcell]
Hematopoietic Disease – Lymphosarcoma [Williams]
Session Four - Infectious Disease in Ferrets – New Concerns, New Frontiers [Williams]
Panel Discussion – Q&A [Williams, Purcell, Kemmerer, Weiss]

July 25, 1998
Baltimore, MD
A Comprehensive Veterinary Symposium Management of the Ferret

Session I - From Cradle to Grave: The Life Cycle of the Domestic Ferret
Part I - Reproduction/Perinatal and Early Growth and Development [Bell, Willard, Kemmerer]
Part II - The Adult Ferret [Kemmerer, Willard, Bell]
Session II - Clinical Pathology [Williams]
Session III - Microsurgical Techniques Now and in the Future [Hoyt]
Session IV - The Oncology of Ferrets [Erdman, Williams, Weiss]