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The American Ferret Association, Inc. Presents...

A Two-Day Advanced Course Management of the Ferret for Veterinary Professionals

The American Ferret Association is an organization devoted to the health and welfare of ferrets. We want our veterinarians to give the best care and know the most about these special animals. That's why AFA is sponsoring this in-depth veterinary symposium, with the following goals in mind: MFVP Seminar

  • To help veterinarians meet the growing demand for quality ferret care.
  • To encourage new practitioners to learn more about ferrets.
  • To provide continuing education for experienced ferret veterinarians.
This two-day symposium is a must for those who are treating ferrets or who plan to treat ferrets in their practices. There are an estimated 10 million ferrets in the U.S. today, making them the third most popular interactive companion animal. Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, students and allied health professionals will be interested in the range of topics as well as the in-depth panel discussions that will address the practitioner's questions about this fascinating carnivore species. Learn everything from the basics to cutting edge technology. Find out about new approaches to diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Participate in discussions on various ways of treating malignancies in ferrets.

2006 Veterinary Symposium
October 6-7, 2006, Pittsburgh, PA 15205