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AFA Show System -- Standard(.pdf) / Colors -- AFA Judges -- Show Calendar -- Results -- Ferret of the Year

Show Registration Links

Ferret Show Calendar
Dates, locations and contact information for AFA national shows and AFA sanctioned ferret shows.

Online Show Registration System
NEW!!! Online Show Registration.

Show Results Links

Ferret Show Results
Listing of winners of AFA-sponsored and sanctioned ferret shows.

Ferret of the Year Winners
Listings of Winners of Ferret of the Year and Companion of the Year.

Show Information Links

Show System Guidelines and Information
Want to learn about showing your ferret or becoming an AFA judge? You've come to the right place!

AFA Color and Pattern Chart
Not sure about your ferret's color or pattern? Check here!

Download the AFA's Ferret Colors and Patterns Guide (.pdf 1281kb)
Easy to understand guide for ferret colors and patterns with pictures.

Download the AFA Breed Standard (.pdf 143kb)
Describes healthy breeding standards as well as description of desired conformation, structure, color, etc. of the domestic ferret. The AFA Ferret Breed Standard has been developed to promote the breeding of healthy ferrets who conform to the structure of what the ferret was meant to be. Great reference for owners as well as breeders.

AFA's Policy on Banishment from Shows (.pdf 101kb)

AFA's Policy on Banned Breeders (.pdf 102kb)

Download the AFA Title and Specialty Show Expense List (.pdf 15kb)
Provides an estimate of the expenses involved in putting on an AFA sanctioned title and specialty ferret show.

Other Events & Symposiums Links

2008 Ferret Breeder Symposium
AFA sponsored 1 1/2 day course: Breeding Better Ferrets, June 20-21, 2008, Wintergreen Resort, Wintergreen, Virginia

Vet Symposia
AFA sponsored Two-Day Advanced Course Management of the Ferret for Veterinary Professionals