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You have lots to learn about your new family member, from critical safety concerns and health care to just getting to know your ferret better. The articles linked here will help get you started!

Are You Ready to Be a Ferret Owner?
Read about some of the basics of what it takes to care for a pet ferret.

Ferret Proofing Your Home (538 kb pdf)
Get some pointers on how to ferret-proof your home so that your ferret is safe.

When Should I Take My Ferret to the Vet? (37 kb pdf)

Just the Right Spot: Litter Training Your Ferret (1312 kb pdf)

Choosing Litter for Your Ferret (720 kb pdf)

Trouble Shooting Stains (6.7 mb pdf)

Switching Kibbles For Your Ferret (1.6 mb pdf)

Your Ferretís Cage (511 kb pdf)

Tips for Purchasing Ferret Bedding from the American Ferret Association (75 kb pdf)

American Ferret Associationís Recommended Ferret Books (126 kb pdf)

What color is my Ferret? Color and Pattern Chart

Essential Books on Ferret Care