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The American Ferret Report (AFR) is the official newsletter of the American Ferret Association, Inc.

The AFR is © copyright American Ferret Association, All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the editor-in-chief.

The following are sample articles from the American Ferret Report, article titles are linked to the .pdf document of the full article. Subscribe to the AFR to be sure you get all of our information-filled articles and stories!

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Volume 20, Number 2: 2011

  • AFA News: European Holidays, 2010 and 2011 1Q Donors, Survival Training, Ferret Style, Black-Footed Ferret Adoption Update, JoGayle Howard
  • Health Affairs: 2010 AFA Veterinary Symposium
  • Living with Ferrets: Puck: A Life by the Numbers, The Sad Plight of Wade the Ferret, Woogie Wescue, Candle in the Wind, Finding a Ferret Sitter
  • Shows and Events: Boise’s Third Annual Ferret Show, 2010 Ferret Buckeye Bash, 2010 Inland NW Ferret Show

Volume 20, Number 1: 2011

  • AFA News: 2009 Ferret of the Year Winners, 2009 4Q & 2010 1Q Donors, Airline Pet Policies, Traveling by Air With Ferrets
  • Health Affairs: Eighth Veterinary Symposium
  • Living with Ferrets: The Fareed Report, Greater Chicago Ferret Association, Woogie Wescue, Bob Church Visits the KC Ferret Shelter, Film Review: Starship Troopers, The Greatest Ferret on Earth
  • Shows and Events: Winter Nationals 2009, Spring Nationals 2010, Spring Fandango 2010

Volume 19, Number 3 & 4: 2009

  • AFA News: State- and Territory-Level Ferret Regulations, Meet the Staff: Patty Asheuer, Second and Third Quarter Donors, Black Footed Ferrets in Canada, Ferrets of the Year Runners Up, Tom and Trish Retire
  • Health Affairs: Aleutian Mink Disease, Cardiac Disease in the Ferret, AFA Annual Vet Listing, Grooming Hints and Suggestions, Tobacco Is Toxic for Animals, Too
  • Living with Ferrets: The Fareed Report, Luther, the Little Prince, ’Tis the Season for Sneezing, Leash Training a Ferret, How to Choose a Flawless Ferret, Keeping Your Ferret Cool
  • Shows and Events: Boise’s 2nd Annual Ferret Show, Ferret Buckeye Bash, Inland NW Ferret Show, Fall Fandango, 2009 Dooktoberfest

Volume 19, Number 2: 2009

  • AFA News: New Legal & Legislative Director, 2008 in Review, First Quarter Donors, 2008 Ferret of the Year Award Winners, Black-Footed Ferret Adoption Certificate, 2008 Financial Statement
  • Shelter/Rescue: Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue/Shelter
  • Health Affairs: Taurine in a Healthy Diet
  • Living with Ferrets: The Blizzard Memorial Fund, Ferrets and the Boy Scouts, Ferrets in Movies, Ode to Chews, From Rescue to Vanishing Act, Quarks
  • Shows and Events: 2008 Winter Nationals, 2009 Spring Nationals, 2009 Spring Ferret Fandango, Meet the Specialty Judges: Ann Barzda

Volume 19, Number 1: 2009

  • AFA News: Introducing Our New AFA VP, Ferrets by Vickie McKimmey (book review), Meet the Staff: Kerry Fabrizio, Cheese Weasel Day, Volunteers Needed, Service Ferret Allowed on Ottawa Buses, 4th Quarter Donors, For Moonquake. Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder
  • Health Affairs: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure, Finding a Ferret Veterinarian
  • Living with Ferrets: My First Experience Traveling With Ferrets, Choosing a Ferret-Friendly Litter, Making the Bed, Antics of a Baby PeeWee
  • Shows and Events: Inland NW 2008 Fall Show, 2008 Dooktoberfest, 19th Japan Ferret Show, Meet the Judges: Jessie Molan

Volume 18, Number 4: 2008

  • AFA News: Museum Honors Dogs and Ferrets of War, Blessing of the Animals, Meet the Staff; Laura Hamlett, 3rd quarter donors
  • Health Affairs: Addison’s: the Other Adrenal Disease, (.pdf 494kb): Why You Should Consider a Natural Diet, (.pdf 298kb): Breeding Better Ferrets: The AFA Ferret Breeder Symposium
  • Living with Ferrets: The Night Before Christmas, A Ferret’s 12 days of Christmas, the Golden Compass: A Must See for Ferret Lovers, Ferrets 101; Grooming Hints, Deaf Ferrets, The Ferret Bible, Ferret Toys
  • Shows and Events: Meet the Judges; Toni Sumerlin, 2008 Ferret Buckeye Bash, 2008 Fall Ferret Fandango

Volume 18, Number 3: 2008

  • AFA News: Ferret Brotherhood, The Ferret Community Suffers a Tremendous Loss, Another Landmark in Black Footed-Ferret History, (.pdf 349kb): 2nd quarter donors
  • Legal & Legislative: Mandatory Vaccination, Domestic Violence, First Annual Ferret Legislative Ride, AMVA Recognizes New Specialty for Veterinarians
  • Living with Ferrets: Demon Seed, The Real Reasons Humans Walk Upright, Cage Training a New Baby Ferret, America Runs on Dunkin, One Very Happy Mckid, Ferret Thieves, Dealing with Euthanasia, (.pdf 255kb): With Great Sadness, DVD review: Stardust, Book Review: Wildwood, Yes Virginia, There Really is an Easter Ferret
  • Shows and Events: 2008 Spring Nationals, Spring Ferret Fandango, 18th Japan Championship Ferret Show, Rustic Extravaganza Ferret show

Volume 18, Number 2: 2008 - Black Footed-Ferret Special Edition

  • AFA News: It’s a First, AFA Committee Goals for 2008, AFA 2007 Financial Statement, Black Footed-Ferret Alert, Ferret Poop News, 1st quarter donors
  • Health Affairs: Inflammatory Bowel Disease, AFA Member Vet Listing
  • Living with Ferrets: The State of the Black Footed-Ferret 2008, (.pdf 323kb): Black Footed-Ferret Timeline, Recovery of the Black Footed-Ferret,(.pdf 232kb): Meet the Staff of Prairie Wildlife; Travis Livieri, April Pietriacovo, Ann Marie Gage, Black Footed-Ferret Adoption Profiles, BFF Seek & Find
  • Shows and Events: Inland Northwest Ferret Show, 17th Japan Championship ferret show, Ferrets of the Year 2007

Volume 18, Number 1: 2008

  • AFA News: Companion Pets are Forever, An Open Letter to the Ferret Community, Thanks for the Raffles, Volunteers Working Hard, 4rth quarter donors, Black Footed-Ferret Update
  • Health Affairs: Ferrets 101; Natural Diet, Insulinoma in Ferrets, Hypoglycemia Emergency Care, How to Hand Feed a Sick Ferret
  • Living with Ferrets: Coming Home With a Boo, More Adventures of Peach Fuzz, How One Man is Helping Recover our Ferret’s Wild Cousins; Travis Livieri, Breeding Time, Ferret Proofing Your Home, Elliot Goes..., Henderson: A Tribute
  • Shows and Events: 2007 Dooktober Fest, 2007 Winter Nationals, Upcoming shows and events

Volume 17, Number 4: 2007

  • AFA News: For the Noodleman, Committee Updates, Rick Schradin Memorial, 3rd Quarter Donors, Education Makes Life Better for Ferrets, Flower: the Kalahari Desert Rose, AFA Donor Level, AFA Gift level
  • Health Affairs: The Mongo Memorial Distemper Titer Study, How to Clip a Ferret’s Nails, Ferrets 101; Choosing a Proper Diet, (.pdf 310kb):Weasel Weight Watchers
  • Living with Ferrets: Saving Cinnamon and Peppy, Gift Wrapping with Ferrets, Help Stop Negligence of Pet Store Ferrets, (.pdf 381kb): Quarks
  • Shows and Events: Meet the Judges; Paula Woodland, Dooktoberfest - Titer Study Benefit, 2007 Ferret Buckeye Bash, 2007 Fall Ferret Fandango, Upcoming shows and events

Volume 17, Number 3: 2007

  • AFA News: Ferrets packed? Check!, Affiliate Shopping, Le Furet, 2nd Quarter Donors, Ferrets: the pursuit of Excellence, Meet the Staff; Ellana Strickbine, Petey TPO
  • Health Affairs: ECE, International Ferret Symposium, How to Bathe a Ferret, Major Rescue Efforts Need Your Help
  • Living with Ferrets: Ferrets featured in Fantasy Art, Mobility Aid for Ferrets, Talking with Mary vanDahm, What’s in a name, Celebrity Ferret Movie Review, Why I Should Have a Ferret, Quarks
  • Shows and Events: Meet the Judges; Mary McCarty, Japan Championship Ferret Show, Three Rivers Ferret Show, Emmett Ferret Shelter Specialty Show, Upcoming Shows and Events

Volume 17, Number 2: 2007

  • AFA News: Save the Date, AFA Committee Goals for 2007, AFA 2006 Financial Statement, Meet the Staff; Bridget Stansky, The Ferret Store Bids Us Goodbye, Mike Janke; Ferret Friend, PBS Special; Ferrets, The Pursuit of Excellence
  • Health Affairs: Poisonous Plants and Flowers, Validity of the Dominance Tube Test
  • Living with Ferrets: Litter Box Training, The Further Adventures of Peach Fuzz, Shelter Spotlight: Ferrets Unlimited, The Making of a Celebrity Ferret; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD review, Quarks, In Memoriam: Cheeba, Life with Ferrets, Open Arms for a Special Boy
  • Shows and Events: Meet the Judges; Kathy Bulgrin, Inland Northwest Show, AFA Spring Nationals 2007, Spring Ferret Fandango, 2006 Ferret of the Year winners, Upcoming shows and events

Volume 17, Number 1: 2007

  • AFA News: A Warm Welcome to 2007, Ferreting Out the Work of the AFA Committees, Help Wanted, The Presidents Report, Member Survey, The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and the Black Footed Ferret
  • Health Affairs: Hyperadrenocorticism: Adrenal Disease
  • Legal & Legislative:Ferret Freedom in Columbia, MO
  • Living with Ferrets: Quarks, The Great Wide, Wild Outside, Oliver and the Mystery Box, Ferrets 101, Trixie Memorial, Shelter Spotlight: Oxford Ferret Rescue
  • Shows and Events: JFA Championship Ferret show, Winter Nationals 2006, Upcoming Shows and Events

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You can contribute!

The American Ferret Report is produced entirely by volunteers. Submissions of original stories, photographs, artwork, and letters to the editor are encouraged. Those who contribute regularly to the A.F.R. may be eligible for a complimentary subscription. Submitted articles are edited for length, content, and grammar.

Medical articles submitted to the A.F.R. now are subject to blind peer review for appropriate content, clarity, and scientific accuracy. Case studies, clinical trials, and epidemiologic investigations are integral to the A.F.R., and the submission of such articles for review is encouraged. Most medical articles are printed within two months of submission.

All articles should be sent to:
Managing Editor
The American Ferret Report
PO Box 554
Frederick, MD 21705-0554

Veterinarians who want to volunteer as peer reviewers should write to the same address. Reviewers will be acknowledged in the A.F.R. yearly.