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American Ferret Report Archives: 1996 - 1998

The American Ferret Report is the official newsletter of the American Ferret Association, Inc. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the editor-in-chief.

The following are sample articles from the American Ferret Report. Subscribe to the AFR to be sure you get all of our information-filled articles and stories! Note: You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the articles.

Volume 9, Number 6; 1998

Volume 9, Number 5; 1998

Volume 9, Number 4; 1998

Volume 9, Number 3; 1998

Volume 9, Number 2; 1998

  • 60 Ferrets Rescued in Ontario
  • Big CA Governor Kills Little Ferret
  • NY Shelter Reform Announced
  • USDA Publishes Regs on "Pocket Pets"
  • The Hair of the Dog that Bit
  • Cornell Ferret Survey or Invasive Experimentation?
  • Texas Changes Shelter Properties
  • Rescue 911
  • Medical News
  • Living with Ferrets- Nail Clipping 101, aand much more...

Volume 9, Number 1; Jan/Feb 1998

  • AFA In Crisis
  • Massacre in Spokane WA
  • How States Are Handling New Rabies Compendium
  • Deafness in Ferrets
  • Older Ferrets
  • You Have a What for a Pet?
  • Black-footed Ferret Update
  • News from the West Coast
  • Medical News, Living with Ferrets, and much more...

Volume 8, Number 6; Nov/Dec 1997

  • Dr. Suzanne Jenkins Interview on New NASPHV Rabies Compendium
  • AFA's Bite Protocal
  • Medical News: Caught on a Wire Cage
  • When to Take Your Ferret to the Vet
  • Disciplining Your Ferret
  • Giving Your Ferret a Bath
  • The Perils of Playthings
  • Medical News, Living with Ferrets, and much more...

1996 Special Edition - American Ferret Association's Five Year Anniversary Edition

  • Ten Most Significant Events in Ferret Health in the Last Five Years by Bruce Williams
  • Fluid Therapy in Ferrets
  • Ferret Nutrition
  • And Justice For All by Randy Sellers
  • Litterbox Wars by Chrissy Cappelluti
  • Intruders by Perry A. Gosnell, A Lesson on Ferret Proofing Your Home
  • Medical News, Living with Ferrets, and much more...

Volume 7, Number 4; July/Aug 1996

  • AVMA Pres Elect is Ferret Foe
  • Washington DC Still Needs Change
  • California Perspective
  • Vet's Corner
  • Long and Short of it - Lost Ferret!
  • The Bill Signing
  • Medical News, Living with Ferrets, and much more...

Volume 7, Number 3; May/June 1996

  • They're at it Again - MD Governor Signs Ferret Bill ...
  • HR 37 Passes CA Assembly
  • The Green Slime Reaches Coast to Coast
  • HSUS Statement on Ferrets as Companion Animals
  • California Perspective
  • Insulinoma in the Ferret
  • Medical News, Living with Ferrets, and much more...