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Over 100 NJ Ferrets Need Your Help

December 23rd, 2000

NJ Ferret Breeder Dies Leaving Ferrets Behind

Rollen Mason, director of TJ's Ferret Haven in Dennisville NJ, passed away just prior to Christmas this year. At the time, Mr. Mason's shelter/ferretry housed over 100 ferrets. The ferrets were removed to the Upper Township Animal Shelter who tended to the ferrets until Anne Ryan and Kim Rushing were able to retrieve them on December 23rd. Sadly the ferrets were in poor condition and some required euthanasia. The remaining ferrets will be lovingly cared for by Anne, Kim, and other kind shelter directors until such time as they may be placed into new homes. Many of the ferrets are whole (breeding) animals who will be altered before adoption. Others have social or medical needs that need to be addressed before they can go to new homes.

If you would like to help, please send your tax-deductable donation to

NJ Christmas Rescue
Support Our Shelters
c/o Judith White
address was removed, no longer valid.

If you wish to offer assistance directly to Anne or Kim, please contact them:

  • Anne Ryan   
  • Kim Rushing  

Kim Rushing has posted a photo journal of the rescue. Please note that some of the photos may be upsetting. [note - site no longer exists - link removed]