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Ferret Health Mailing List Introduced
February 26th, 2001

Dr. Williams and others join to create a mailing list dedicated to Ferret Health

  On February 17th, 2001, the Ferret Health List was launched to provide a platform where veterinarians and ferret owners can share knowledge and information pertaining to ferret health and medical treatment. In addition to providing a mailing list (available in individual posts or in digest format), this moderated list also features an extensive files and links area along with several active polls and a live chat service.

The list itself is owned and moderated by Christopher Bennett, Dr. Bruce Williams, Sukie Crandall, and Mike Jenke. Christopher said it best when he wrote, "In addition to being an outlet for ferret health related information, it is our intent that the FHL foster a sense of cooperation among all the members of the ferret community." What a great idea!

Please take a moment to join this fun and informative list. Before you know it, you'll be telling your vet about the latest in ferret health care!

For more information, please visit

*** Article Update: July 1, 2002: The Ferret Health List has moved from Yahoo Groups to SmartGroups effective immediately. The information below directs interested individuals to the new group location.

The Ferret Health List group home page is located at