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New York City Legalization Update
February 22nd, 2001

Intro 627 Ferret Legalization Bill

Intro 627 -- the ferret legalization bill -- is now stuck in the City Council's Health Committee awaiting to be sent to the full floor for a vote. There's no real reason that it hasn't been moved out of committee -- other than the politicians haven't heard from their constituents to make it happen faster.

If you want ferrets legalized in NYC, you must make some phone calls. To be specific, two phone calls -- but make them every day until the bill is moved forward.

  • Victor Robles, chairman, Health Committee - 212-788-6856
  • Peter Vallone, speaker, NY City Council, 212-788-7210

Don't let the people who answer the phone pass the buck to other offices... Ask that someone call you back about when INTRO 627 -- THE FERRET BILL will be voted on.

Be persistent and give your name and telephone number without fear of whether you own ferrets or not. No one is going to track you down for having ferrets.

CALL EVERY DAY. This email is going out to almost a hundred people. IT WILL WORK. Any questions, feel free to email or call me (212-876-0090). Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. This tactic is effective. Politicians hate to feel pressure from voters (and Peter Vallone is running for Mayor...) I'll report back as soon as we get some good news.

-Gary Kaskel