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AFA Seeks Treasurer
January 10th, 2001

The American Ferret Association seeks a volunteer to assume the office of Treasurer.

Term of Office
One Year

The essence of the Treasurer's job is to handle all of the financial affairs of the AFA.

AFA is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation, and as such, the Treasurer is responsible for having AFA's financial affairs meet the standards of various government agencies. To do this, the Treasurer maintains records of AFA's financial transactions.


  • Keep accurate permanent records of all financial business for the AFA.
  • Check forms submitted by AFA Executive Committee, directors and volunteers against established procedures
  • Enter the data into the accounting system
  • Prepare the checks, making necessary copies and send the check and copies of the documents to the AFA Vice-President of Operations for signature
  • Reconcile the AFA books with the monthly bank statements
  • Post quarterly reports for the BOD
  • Prepare the annual financial report for the AFA, and distribute to the AFA Executive Committee, directors & AFR editor by March 31
  • Present an up-to-date financial report at each BOD meeting of the AFA
  • Answer inquiries on financial matters and assume other financial duties as assigned by the AFA President or AFA Executive Committee
  • Work with a CPA to prepare any necessary tax forms including but not limited to; personal property tax forms, sales tax forms, IRS 990
  • Recommend financial policy for the Board
  • Maintain forms for reimbursement
  • Submit records for audit at least once every 3 years
  • Budgets:
    • Solicit directors for budget requests, keep track of expenses applied to budgets and submit quarterly reports showing budget statuses
    • Create and maintain budgets as approved by the AFA Executive Committee
  • Pamela Slack DVM Memorial Ferret Medical Research Grant Fund:
    • Balance the account, enter account data, write checks against the account based on established procedures
    • Manages investment of Pamela Slack DVM Memorial Ferret Medical Research Grant Fund at the direction of the AFA Executive Committee

Time Commitment
In addition to attending meetings, the commitment is a few hours each week.

The Treasurer is not to handle the checks, cash & credit card transactions, nor is he/she to sign the prepared checks.


Sally Heber, Incumbent Treasurer of the American Ferret Association
AFA Office