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New AFR Veterinary Editor

January 6th, 2001

Dr. Gandolfi, DVM accepts AFR Veterinary Editor positon.

The AFA is pleased to welcome Dr. Rene Gandolfi, DVM as the new American Ferret Report (AFR) medical editor. Dr. Gandolfi practices veterinary medicine at the Castro Valley Companion Animal Hospital in Castro Valley, California. As a member of the California Veterinary Medical Association, Dr. Gandolfi has been an advocate for ferret legalization in that state. He has provided veterinary care to California Domestic Ferret Association rescues, and has served on its Board of Directors. As an author, Dr. Gandolfi has contributed to Ferrets USA and Critters USA magazines as well as the California Veterinary Association Journal. Dr. Gandolfi's kindness and knowlege are well-known in the ferret community, and we welcome him to the American Ferret Report staff. Thank you, Dr. Gandolfi!