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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 27nd, 2000


The officers of the AFA have decided that restructuring the AFA board to resemble that of other nonprofit organizations would make the management of the organization more understandable and make leadership transitions easier. In some cases, this restructuring involves only changing position names. Committee Chairpersons are now called Committee Directors. Members of the AFA Executive Committee [President, Vice-President(s), Treasurer, and Secretary] are now AFA Officers. An Officer is required to serve as a Committee Director for at least one year before becoming an Officer.

The most important change as a result of this restructuring is the creation of the Board of Directors, which will function as do Boards of Directors of corporations. This Board of Directors would consist of up to five AFA members, would oversee the direction of the AFA, act as an advisory counsel, and review the policies and procedures put forth by the Directors and Officers. The first AFA Board of Directors will be in place by the end of 2000. The members selected thus far to serve on the Board are Sally Heber, Vickie McKimmey, and Freddie Hoffman, MD. The Officers and Directors suggested that an AFA member veterinarian should serve on the board, so nominations for this position will be given by the Directors and Officers.


The Health Affairs Committee and Education Committee are responsible for formin the Aleutian Disease Virus Grant Review Board, which will meet to review and select a proposal for funding. The Review Board should be formed by September 15, with the review of proposals for studying the Aleutian disease virus (ADV) to occur soon after.

It was decided that AFA will not require negative Aleutian disease virus test results to allow ferrets into AFA-sponsored shows. AFA will continue to publicize the dangers of ADV and other contagious diseases and will require that all ferret owners attending an AFA-sponsored show sign a statement that they are aware of the dangers of contagious disease, including ADV. Show packets will also contain suggestions on how to minimize contagion. The Education Committee and Health Affairs Committee will work on the verbiage for the information sheets.

The Shelter, Rescue, and Adoption Committee will discuss ways to encourage AFA membership among the shelters.

The Breeder Committee will be publishing a breeders' manual. Topics have been outlined, and many of these topics have been assigned to individuals to write.

The Education Committee has drafted a policy on disciplining ferrets. This draft was distributed at the meeting. The draft adequately addresses the disciplinary issues among the types of ferrets sold in pet shops, but more information needs to be included about the behavior and proper discipline of intact ferrets. It was suggested that a statement be added to the Exhibitor Handbook to discuss proper discipline at ferret shows.

The Education Committee has also been charged with researching the demographics of ferret owners and the ferret population. These results will be posted on the AFA Web site and published in the AFR when available.

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