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The Latest in Legalization Efforts
Posted: September 24, 2002

Did you know that ferrets are not legal to own as pets everywhere in the United States? While in recent years, most laws that once banned ferret ownership have been changed, there are some areas that still restrict ferret ownership. Only two states ban the keeping of ferrets as pets - California and Hawaii, but there are smaller locales that restrict ownership even though statewide there is no law against it. Check with your local government agencies if you are not sure of the laws in your area.

Legalization efforts have been ongoing for two restricted areas - California and New York City - for years. Those working on changing the laws in these ares are working tirelessly for something that most of us take for granted - the right to own our pet of choice. Please take the time to learn about two organizations doing such work - Californians for Ferret Legalization and Perhaps you can help make a difference!

Visit their websites:

Ferrets Anonymous "California Ferret Network"

Californians For Ferret Legalization