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The AFA is Proud to Announce the Mongo Memorial Distemper Titer Study Fund

Help the AFA to help ferrets like Mongo

The American Ferret Association highly recommends that all ferrets be properly vaccinated against canine distemper and rabies under the care of your veterinarian. With this in mind, due to the high incidence of reactions each year, we also believe it is necessary to do further research to determine if the possibility exists that we could be over-vaccinating our ferrets.

Dr. Ruth Heller had one such ferret that had a severe reaction to a canine distemper vaccine. His name was Mongo, and unfortunately, he did not survive this reaction. In honor of Mongo, Dr. Heller, with support from the American Ferret Association is heading up a study to measure the titer levels in ferrets who have previously been vaccinated against canine distemper virus. The study will consist of ferrets of various ages with varying vaccination histories.

You may support this study in two ways:

  • Please forward the following pdf files to your vet's office so that they and their clients
    can participate in this much needed study.

    Dr. Ruth's Letter (.pdf 25kb)
    Ferret Data Sheet (.pdf 20kb)
    Cornell Submission Sheet (.pdf 62kb)

  • Please donate toward the Mongo Memorial Distemper Titer Study Fund to support this
    study. All checks should be made payable to the American Ferret Association with
    "Distemper Study Fund" noted on the check. (Your donation is tax deductible.)

Please help us make the Mongo Memorial Distemper Titer Study a reality.

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The AFA thanks you for your support in helping the ferrets!!

The AFA wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Dr. Ruth L. Heller, Borderbrook Animal Hospital, for her dedication to the Mongo Memorial Distemper Titer Study Fund.