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Enter the AFA No-Lose Membership Raffle--Everyone Wins!

June 24nd, 2003

Wouldn't it be great if there was a raffle in which literally *everyone* was a winner? How would you like to win a lifetime membership in the AFA? Now is the time!

The American Ferret Association is sponsoring a raffle in which the grand prize winner will win a lifetime membership, two (2) second prize winners will each win a three-year membership, and three (3) third place winners will win a two-year membership. All other entries will win a one-year membership for each chance purchased. "What is the cost of a raffle like this?" you ask?

Only the price of a one year membership. Think about it -- we are giving away one lifetime membership ($500), two three year memberships ($84- 112 each), and three two year memberships ($57-76 each). That alone is almost one thousand dollars in free memberships, plus the one year memberships to the runners-up. If you're already a member, not to worry, we will begin your new year(s) at the end of your current membership cycle. If you would prefer, you can transfer any of your winnings as a gift to anyone. You
can also enter your veterinarian or other ferret professional as a gift, just make sure to select the correct membership tier. As with all fine AFA raffles, you can enter as many times as you like. Just send the amount of a two-year membership, and you will be entered twice, and a three-year membership will enter you three times, and you will automatically win the membership in the amount in which you have entered.

To enter the raffle, just visit the shopping section of this website and then select "membership" or you can call the AFA office at 1-888-FERRET-1 to sign up or request information to be sent to you.

Be sure to hurry, so you don’t miss out! The drawing will be held at the HOFA (Heart of Ohio Ferret Association ) AFA Sanctioned Show August 23rd. So be sure to be there to find out as soon as possible if you're one of the big winners! Can't make it? If you're one of the first, second, or third place winners, we'll give you a call to let you know, so be sure to include a valid phone number, preferably one with an answering service, in case you
aren't there.

Current officers of the AFA are not eligible for this promotion. By entering, you agree that if you are a first, second, or third prize winner, the AFA can include your name and photo in future publications. If you do not wish to agree to this, your first, second or third prize will be forfeited and another entrant will be redrawn. Any entries received at AFA headquarters after Sunday, August 17, are not eligible, excluding those purchased at the HOFA show, to allow for entry processing.