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What's Happening With the American Ferret Report?
A Letter From the Editor

February 5, 2002

In the past year, the American Ferret Report (AFR) has not been published primarily because my career has taken a fabulous but challenging turn, limiting the time I've had for the AFA. Unfortunately, there weren't other volunteers prepared to take on the publication either, so the entire publishing process stopped. I offer my personal apologies to both the membership and the board, and the AFA office will be extending all memberships to ensure that everyone receives their full paid subscription.

Moving forward, we are restructuring to soften the effects of one volunteer's contribution changing. First, we've decided to hire some professional services. In October, 2001, the AFA issued a request for proposal for desktop publishing services and subsequently hired Janet Shafer of Waynesboro, Virginia. Janet has extensive experience in producing custom publications and is able to create the AFR pages in a fraction of the time our volunteers could.

Now we can refocus our volunteers' efforts on providing timely and compelling content. A primary goal is to appoint section editors, which will help to distribute the responsibilities for bringing together articles. In 2001, Dr. Rene Gandolfi joined as the AFR Veterinary Editor and has contributed significantly.

Next, we are focusing on the News section. The News Editor's primary responsibility will be to contribute short articles of a timely nature about what's happening in the ferret world. Researching news stories involves, for example, monitoring e-mail message digests, scanning national newspapers (most are free online), or reading ferret-related websites. Writing news articles can be a heroic act of investigative journalism or simply verifying the data and retelling the story in a way that matters to AFA members. The most important qualification is a nose for important stories and adherene to the facts; our editors and proofreaders are here to help with the writing. Those interested in volunteering as the News Editor should contact me directly at the email address below.

As always, your questions, suggestions, and contributions are also welcome:

Lori Barber, Managing Editor
PO Box 61204
Potomac, MD 20859-1204
(509) 695-1345 (FAX)

Please include your name, email address (if available), evening phone number, city, and state with any correspondence. Photographs with articles are especially welcome. Don't send your only copy - but we are happy to receive prints and will return these in time. Digital photographs are also accepted, and we can easily receive these via e-mail.

Thank you all for your continued support of the AFA and the American Ferret Report.


Lori Barber,
Managing Editor, American Ferret Report