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2012 Boise Ferret Show - Nampa, ID - July 7, 2012
Sponsored by Essential Ferret Services
Specialty Classes

Specialty Class Judge Winner
Black Mitt/Black Roan Mitt Sara Hamilton WWW's Limited Edition owned by Michelle Salinas
Black Sable Sara Hamilton WWW's Holy Toledo owned by Bonnie Cole
Blaze/Mutt/Panda Sara Hamilton Spike owned by Michelle Salinas
Champagne Paula Woodland Franklin owned by Linda & Jerry Peterson
Chocolate Paula Woodland Marlin owned by Essential Ferret Services
Mitt Sara Hamilton WWW’s Kountess of Khees owned by Cathy Hamlett
Passport Required Paula Woodland GFX's Stryker owned by Cathy Hamlett
Point Paula Woodland Franklin owned by Linda & Jerry Peterson
Roan Sara Hamilton Libby owned by Michelle Salinas
Sable Sara Hamilton BLT’s Slipping the Surly Bonds owned by Heather Pittman
Shelter/Rescue Paula Woodland Doc owned by Bonnie Cole