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2009 Dooktoberfest - Frederick, MD - October 31, 2009
Sponsored by the Wild Weezil Women on Wine & the AFA

Adolescent Title Class - class of 54

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Sally Heber PFH's Karma
Owner: Tara Palaski
Ring 2Mary McCarty QLF's Pistol Pete
Owner: Barbara Sikkink
Ring 3 Paula Woodland SH's Locket
Owner: Holly Layman
Best In Class: QLF's Pistol Pete owned by Barbara Sikkink
Best Opposite: SH's Locket owned by Holly Layman

Breeder Title Class - class of 48

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Vickie McKimmey SH's Winds of Fortune
Owner: Sally Herber
Ring 2Kerry Fabrizio SH's Winds of Fortune
Owner: Sally Herber
Ring 3 Scarlett Gray-Saling SNF's Black Beauty of FPWC
Owner: Susan Mentzer & Joe Hahn
Best In Class: FSF's Cactus Blue owned by Lisha & Chris Barker

Alter Title Class - class of 31

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Kathy Bulgrin MMF's Siena of FOS
Owner: Gail Burlaka
Ring 2Kay Amrine LW's Annabelle
Owner: Sara Hamilton-Yotz
Ring 3 Julie Bender JBF's Chere Marie of PHP
Owner: Kathy Bulgrin
Best In Class: MMF's Siena of FOS owned by Gail Burlaka
Best Opposite: PFH's Oscar owned by Tara Palaski

Companion Title Class - class of 13

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Kathy Bulgrin Kona
Owner: Erin & Jamie Helms
Ring 2Kay Amrine Chiclet
Owner: Chris Sayne
Ring 3 Jessie Molan Ranger of FPK
Owner: Suzanne Hamilton
Best In Class: Mindy owned by Roland Schalker
Best Opposite: Latte owned by Mary Bologansky

Specialty Classes

Specialty ClassJudgeWinner
Albino / Dark-eyed White (5)Danee DeVore Mindy owned by Roland Schalker
Black Mitt / Black Roan Mitt (10)Danee DeVore HTF's Lace 'Em Up owned by Kerry Fabrizio
Black Sable (9) Lisa Little SH's Night Dancer owned by Sally Heber
Blaze / Panda / Mutt (5)Penny Hendrix SH's Patch owned by Doreen Anderson
Champagne (10) Danee DeVore Bear's Zipper owned by Glenn Standing Bear Mayo
Chocolate (10) Penny Hendrix JBF's Chere Marie of PHP owned by Kathy Bulgrin
Mitt (10) Penny Hendrix JBF's Kirby owned by Doreen Anderson
Passport Required (20) Lisa Little JBF's Koskenkorva (Kossu) owned by Vickie McKimmey
Physically Challenged (5) Lisa Little PFH's Tater Tot owned by Tara Palaski
Point (9)Penny Hendrix SHD's Tequila Rose owned by Scarlett Gray-Saling
Roan (4)Penny Hendrix LW's Annabelle owned by Sara Hamilton-Yotz
Sable (15)Penny Hendrix Bear's Bay Bee owned by Glenn Standing Bear Mayo
Shelter/Rescue (10)Lisa Little Ranger owned by Suzanne Hamilton
Super Seniors (8)Lisa Little SH's FoxFire owned by Holly Layman