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AFA Show System -- Standard(.pdf) / Colors -- AFA Judges -- Show Calendar -- Results -- Ferret of the Year

Harvest Expo 2006 - Clearfield, PA - October 21, 2006
Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association

Adolescent Title Class - class of 31

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Sally Heber RNs Shadowdancer
Owner: Dr. Ruth Heller
Ring 2 Vickie McKimmey SH's Night Sky
Owner: Sally Heber
Ring 3 Mary McCarty GFXs Shockwave
Owner: Julie Bender
Best In Class: GFXs Shockwave owned by Julie Bender
Best Opposite: SH's Royal FireBolt (the Prince) owned by Sally Heber

Breeder Title Class - class of 24

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Vickie McKimmey NB's Luther Fabulous of HTF
Owner: Kerry Fabrizio
Ring 2 Mary McCarty JBFs Thunderclap
Owner: Vickie McKimmey
Ring 3 Kerry Fabrizio JBFs Thunderclap
Owner: Vickie McKimmey
Best In Class: JBFs Thunderclap owned by Vickie McKimmey
Best Opposite: FSF's Samis Aran owned by Kisten Palm

Alter Title Class - class of 19

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Sally Heber FFs Kamots
Owner: Kelly Hermann
Ring 2 Vickie McKimmey FFs Kamots
Owner: Kelly Hermann
Ring 3 Kay Amrine PFH's Navarre
Owner: Susan George
Best In Class: FFs Kamots owned by Kelly Hermann
Best Opposite: TFs Midori owned by Jessie Molan

Companion Title Class - class of 16

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Mary McCarty Chevy
Owner: Penny Hendrix & Roland Schalker
Ring 2 Kerry Fabrizio Sghetti and Meatballs
Owner: Debbi Woodring
Ring 3 Kay Amrine Bailey
Owner: Chris Sayne
Best In Class: Chevy owned by Penny Hendrix & Roland Schalker
Best Opposite: Coby owned by Penny Hendrix & Roland Schalker

Specialty Classes

Specialty Class Winner
Albino/Dark-Eyed White OhYouCheeky Monkey owned by Jessie Molan
Black Mitt/Black Roan Mitt JBFs Aftershock of GFX owned by Julie Bender
Black Sable FOTHs Black Magic of JBF owned by Vickie McKimmey
Blaze/Mutt/Panda Rascal owned by Chris Sayne
Champagne PFHs Zsa Zsa owned by Joyce Huff
Chocolate JBF's Cocoboodo owned by Vickie McKimmey
Mitt FSFs Torrent owned by Kay Amrine
Passport Required PFHs Geisha owned by Tara Palaski
Roan PFH's Roo owned by Helen Wojciechowski
Sable RN's Shadowdancer owned by Beth Bowles & Dr. Ruth Heller
Shelter/Rescue Riley Ryan Newferret owned by Kym Costanzo
Super Senior NB's Zovia Rain owned by Mary McCarty