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AFA Show System -- Standard(.pdf) / Colors -- AFA Judges -- Show Calendar -- Results -- Ferret of the Year

Winter Nationals - York, PA - December 3, 2005
Sponsored by the American Ferret Association, Inc.

Adolescent Jill Title Class - class of 48

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Kerry Fabrizio JBF's Frizzante
Owner: Vickie McKimmey
Ring 2 Paula Johnson SH's Prairie WildFire
Owner: Sally Heber
Ring 3 Kathy Bulgrin FSF's Samis Aran of PF
Owner: Kisten Palm
Best In Class: JBF's Frizzante owned by Vickie McKimmey

Adolescent Hob Title Class - class of 53

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Randy Corbin SH's Burning Man (Druid)
Owner: Julie Bender
Ring 2 Scarlett Gray-Saling SH's Burning Man (Druid)
Owner: Julie Bender
Ring 3 Tina Thompson SH's Caution: Flammable (Helix)
Owner: Julie Bender
Best In Class: SH's Burning Man (Druid) owned by Julie Bender

Breeder Title Class - class of 47

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Mike Orlowski FFP's Miss Alabama
Owner: Chris Sayne
Ring 2 Mary McCarty FOF's Salsa
Owner: Mike & Denise Orlowski
Ring 3 Ann Barzda FOF's Salsa
Owner: Mike & Denise Orlowski
Best In Class: FOF's Salsa owned by Mike & Denise Orlowski

Alter Title Class - class of 37

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Toni Sumerlin FT's Reno
Owner: Kristen Blood
Ring 2 Kay Amrine FT's Reno
Owner: Kristen Blood
Ring 3 Kim Flynn MMF's Tiffany Grace
Owner: Gail Burlaka
Best In Class: FT's Reno owned by Kristen Blood
Best Opposite: FSF's Kiva of PF owned by Kisten Palm

Companion Title Class - class of 27

  Judge Winner
Ring 1 Lori Sies TL Ting
Owner: Jessie Molan
Ring 2 Kay Amrine Stellar
Owner: Kym Costanzo
Ring 3 Kim Flynn Stellar
Owner: Kym Costanzo
Best In Class: Stellar owned by Kym Costanzo
Best Opposite: OhYouCheeky Monkey owned by Jessie Molan

Specialty Classes
Judges: Penny Hendrix, Debbie Woodring, Tyler Mills, Mike Orlowski, Ann Barzda, Paula Johnson, Mary McCarty, Vickie McKimmey, Tina Thompson, Randy Corbin

Specialty Class Winner
Albino/Dark-Eyed White OhYouCheeky Monkey owned by Jessie Molan
Black Mitt / Black Roan Mitt Coby owned by Penny Hendrix & Roland Schalker
Black Sable SH's The Raven owned by Sally Heber
Blaze / Mutt / Panda Ping Pongo owned by the Rauenzahn Family
Champagne FF's Jeremiah's Frog Grog of SHD owned by Scarlett Gray-Saling
Chocolate FSF's Tootsie Roll owned by Kay Amrine
Mitt SHD's Cheshire Cat owned by Kristen Blood
Passport Required JBF's der Valkerie owned by Jessie Molan
Physically Challenged HCF's Bran Dhu owned by Ann Barzda
Point RN's Hot Salty Nuts owned by Dr. Ruth Heller
Roan FSF's Stormy's Thunderbolt owned by Kay Amrine
Sable NB's O'My Yasmin owned by Mary McCarty
Super Senior SHD's Gold Rush of FSF owned by Wesley Amrine

Premier Specialty Classes

Premier Class Winner
Invitational JBF's Black Hawk owned by Vickie McKimmey
Breeder's Classic Primary: JBF's Cabana Boy - Secondaries; JBF's Mojito & JBF's Frizzante owned by Vickie McKimmey
24 Karat SH's CrossFire (Batty) owned by Sally Heber