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Holiday Ferret Expo 1998

Kit Championship Class

Ring 1
Judge: Georgia Bailey (VA)
Ring 2
Judge: Vickie McKimmey (VA)
Ring 3
Judge: Cindy Sooy (DE)
SH's Reo de Janiero
owner: Holly Layman
SH's Kaguyahime
owner: Seiko Ishihara
HWB's Oprah
owner: Bill and Glenna Hudson
Best in Show Kit SH's Kaguyahime
owner: Seiko Ishihara

Alter Championship Class

Ring 1
Judge: Connie Riggins (VA)
Ring 2
Judge: Tom DeNitto
Ring 3
Judge: Dale Diehl (MD)
DCF’s Winston
owner: Cindy Sooy
owner: Julia Fossa
GB's Mr. F. Lee Bagley
owner: Tom and Brenda DeNitto
Best in Show Alter SH's Baxter
owner: Patty Asheuer

Breeder Championship Class

Ring 1
Judge: Sally Heber (MD)
Ring 2
Judge: Randy Corbin (MD)
Ring 3
Judge: Judith Saunders (VA)
SH's Mr. Majestic
owner: Nancy Scott
SH's Troika
owner: Sally Heber
owner: Julia Fossa
Best in Show Breeder SH's Troika
owner: Sally Heber

Premier Class

Breeders' Classic JM’s Lady Limerick of SH
owner: Sally Heber (MD)

Specialty Classes

Albino/Dark-Eyed White Sashi
owner: Nicole Leshock
Black Roan JBF’s Lolita
owner: Vickie McKimmey
Black Sable SH’s Diamond Reo
owner: Sally Heber
Champagne Belle
owner: Chris Sayne
Chocolate Kitastrophic Kit
owner: David Guthartz
Mitt TCF Jagermeister
owner: Scarlett Gray
Panda/Blaze JM’s Bristol of JBF
owner: Vickie McKimmey
Point TFG’s Bug
owner: Chris and Cheryl Goedeke
Sable TFG’s Jitterbug
owner: Chris and Cheryl Goedeke
Shelter/Rescue Oliver Twist Jones
owner: Melissa Jones

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