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A Note from Patty Asheuer, the Managing Editor of the American Ferret Report


To Our Loyal AFR Readers . . .

Please accept my sincere apologies for the long interruption in our AFR publication schedule. And thank you, too, for your patience.
As Editor of the AFR, I’ve taken great pride in getting our quarterly Report out and into your hands in timely fashion. Regrettably, that was not possible last year. My mother passed away in May, and all ferret-related matters had to stop for a bit while I sorted things out with the family. This was especially hard, as my mother’s death was very unexpected.
Mother’s are the best . . . and my family and I still miss my mom enormously. Still, with the help of friends, family, and ferret family, things are beginning to get easier. You can be assured that all issues of the AFR for 2009 will still go out. They will be a little delayed, but you won’t miss anything. The only change we’ve made is to move the annual veterinary listing to the next issue in order to get issue #2 out the door.
As we go forward, please keep in mind that we are always looking for contributions from guest authors. The AFR is your magazine and we encourage you to be a part of it. If there are topics you’d like to write about, please contact me at We would be glad to consider your submissions of photos, articles, or even funny ferret stories. We’d also welcome your suggestions on topics you’d like to read about in the magazine.

Volume 19, Issue #2 is dedicated to my mom, Judy